kigokasa api for woocommerce

WooCommerce Croatian Fiscalisation with KigoKasa Api

WooCommerce plugin for Croatian Fiscalization with KigoKasa application. KigoKasa Api plugin integrates with WooCommerce checkout process, and sends the API request with the order details to the KigoKasa service making Invoice/Offer with Croatian Fiscalization. For more information about the KigoKasa API visit this link: Try KigoKasa Retail demo here: Try WebShop integration here Get plugin here:

Custom WooCommerce payment gateway

We just deliver custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce for customer Aquaroom auqarium studio, using mStartCheckout payment gateway. More on

Car sales and retail web shop

We just deliver new company website, fully responsive, for AS Centar d.o.o. It includes Car sales website and detailing products web shop, all connected to KigoKasa ERP. We used WordPress and WooCommerce with KigoKasa API plugin. More on

Wholesale web shop –

We develop series of custom whole web shop connected to SageERP for our client Fokus d.o.o. We develop fully custom fronted, backed, ERP bridge and series of child web shops connected to main web shop. We used Yii2, AngularJS, MSSQL, SageERP. More details on:

KigoKasa Retail Software

We develop wholesale/retail cloud software using yii2 php framework, mysql db, boostrap, elastic, memcached, webshockets. Solution includes mobile app, responsive web design, multi language support with many modules. More on